11 January 2009 First Dip

It was about 9:00 pm when we arrived at Maranatha Beach Camp. I was hungry and tired. I had decided on the boat ride that food and sleep were top priorities. Sasha had French Bagettes from Togo, goat kabob and laughing cow cheese for us to eat. We bought minerals then chowed down. As I was eating I was reviving and decided that sleep was highly overrated. I wouldn’t be there many days so no need to waste the time sleeping. I planned to go to the beach after we ate. Rach went to bed but Kerri, Sasha, Sara and I walked across the small island to the ocean side. The waves were beautiful! Some were as tall as me. I took off my sandals and went wading with Sara. I only went to my knees. Even holding my dress up the ocean did not respect my knee deep limit and soon a wave crashed to my waist. Sara and I laughed so hard. We began playing and enjoying the surf. I still tried to keep my torso dry but you know what happened. Sara dares me to walk deeper and yes a wave crashes me down! That was it. I was in now and I was going to enjoy it. So I sent my glasses to a chair on the beach. I returned to the water. I waded in slowly. I was paying attention to the riptide and power of the waves. I didn’t want my family and friends to read a headline “€œPCV dies body surfing on Ghana beach. Then I began body surfing. Kerri and Sasha were on the beach. I figured they were watching me. Later they said they were making sure I was ok. Nice to have someone covering your back. One big wave I go under and come up with the dress over my face. This is a pain. When I consulted Sara she agrees it’s time to get rid of the dress. She said she’d take it to shore for me. There was no one else Atawll on the beach so I go for it. Lucky for me my bra and panties are matching white! I had a great time. The water was warm but cooler than the air. The waves were unpredictable. Some times they caught me two or three at a time. Other times I had plenty of time to catch the wave and surf. Finally I was feeling tired and felt I needed to get out. Only then did the demon self consciousness rear its head. I am 50+ and cavorting in my bra and panties in front of these kids.” “My body is too fluffy!” “I have to walk right past them to Sara where my dress is” All these and more rushed into my head. But the last thought won the day “€œAh hell girl walk like you own the beach!.-vc

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