11 January 2009 T&T Travel and transport

We started traveling late. As we were headed to the station to catch a tro to Ada Rachael and I were worried. Would we miss the tro. How was traveling in the dark in this area of the country? Will we miss the boat to the island? Sara assured us that she had the number of the camp owners and they would come get us when we arrived in Ada. She also said the full moon would make the boat ride beautiful. Still there was some anxiety.

We were waiting for the tro and this rasta man greets Sara. We can’t hear their converstation but when Sara returns she is smiling. She says’  “That’s the guy with the boat!”€ Really no worries now!

Then the tro arrives and a mass of people rush for it. Way too many for the tro. We wisely stay in the back of the line. People are pushing and shoving. Two people crawl int throuigh the tailgate and over the back seat. There certainly was shouting and there may have been punches.  Although we are not worried about the small riot we are worried about transport!

Rasta man to the rescue. He comes to us and leads us to another tro. We get in just in time. Then the rush starts on this tro. Everyone going to Ada got a seat on this tro so my conscience is clear.

When  we reach Ada the tro takes us right to the boat landing. We wait for Sasha then board the boat. Sara was right. The moonlite boat ride was beautiful.Thirty minutes was in no way long enough.

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