11 January 2009 Vacation

This weekend I am taking a vacaton. It is a bit ironic because on some level all of my Peace Corps experience seems like a vacation in the sense that it is a break from my normal routine. Sara invited me to the beach. We are on an island between the mouth of the Volta river and the Atlantic Ocean. On one side is the Volta River and a few hundred yards across the island, on the other side, is the Atlantic Ocean. Find Accra and go east on the map. The town of Ada is where were we took the along the Volta to the island. Sara, Rachael, Kerri, Sasha and I are all here at Maranatha Beach Camp. Sara is of course the very one who willed me to Ghana last year. I can’t believe it’s been a year since we met online. Time flies. Sasha is a 2nd year teacher. His site is in the Volta region. At the All Vol Conference I learned that Shasa is a great dancer. At the beach I learned he is very well read and has well articulated and interesting opinions. Rachael and Kerri are 2nd year teachers as well. Their site is in the Upper West Region. Close to me physically but in travel time almost two days away! I liked Rachael and Kerri almost the first time I met them at Accra phase of training. The camp is just that a camp. There are grass huts big enough for a double bed and a chair. (insert photo of huts). The huts sit on the sand. The first night I was so tired I didn’t even brush off my feet. Oh was my side of the bed sandy the next morning. After that I brought a water sachet into the hut with me and washed my feet before i put them on the bed. The island the camp is on is all sand. We have summer huts with wooden tables and chairs where we eat, play and visit. There are also wooden loungers by the river with umbrellas and small tables. Some loundgers have cushions on them as well. The toilets are grass huts with wooden seats. Everyday they move the wooden seats and rake the waste into the sand then put the seats back. (You can bet I don’t go to the toilets barefooted!) The bathing room is a big grass hut with buckets. All this luxary can be had for 6 GH cedis a night. Sara and I are sharing a hut which costs 12 GH Cedis a night. At the concession stand we could buy beer, minerals and water. They also served meals. We brought some picnic food with us, bread, tuna, gari, cheese etc. And ate some meals. The heavely coconut food was a favorite. It was nice to have hot tea one morning as well. I love it. At night the waves breaking on the beach rock me to sleep. This morning I am sitting by the river and writing. There is a cool breeze. A bird is fishing in front of me. My feet are in the sand. Perfect. I am adding this section a couple of weeks after the vacation. What I remember best about the vacation is the time spent with my friends. We walked the beach. We sat and talked. We body surfed. I felt like I got to know some of my ‘old’ friends better and made a new friend in Sasha.

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