Meeting People 06 January 09

Today I went to Bolga to buy a bus ticket for my trip to Kumasi tomorrow. I got off the bus at Commercial Street where the Barclay’s Bank is located. I had two oranges in my bag for the shoe repair man who I talk to each time I come into Bolga. Sadly he was not there today.

After getting money out of the bank I hailed a taxi to take me to the STC Station to buy my ticket. Half way there the car starts to bump and rattle. It feels like a flat tire. It is a flat tire. But the drive was close to base and pulled in. He said he had to fix the flat and asked would I wait. I agreed cause I had nothing else to do. I am trying to take things as they happen. To enjoy the unexpected. I sat on a bench in the shade and waited.

A girl with eggs on her head came by me. I didn’t have breakfast so I called her over with the come here hand motion. Bought an egg and ate.

The driver was done. So I entered the car again and we headed off. I commented he was lucky to be so close to the base to get his tire.

At the station I asked him just where was I supposed to get my ticket. He turned off the car and came in with me. He helped my buy my ticket. We returned to the taxi. On the way back we chatted. I told him about Peace Corps. He told me a little about himself. Then he said “Sometimes it only takes a day to make a friend.” I agreed.

At the Metro bus station we exchanged numbers. And I left Bolga with a bus ticket but with something better the beginning of a new friendship!


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