30 December 2008 Out of Africa….

…..Always something new.


Today I wanted to take a break from correcting tests and the computer. I decided to take my camera out and shoot in the bush. I was locking up my house and Thomas  came by asking what I was doing. I said I was shooting photos and asked if he wanted to come.Thomas He agreed to come along. I m so glad he did.  What a wonderful tour guide!  He said we would go to a pond then to some local houses to photograph them. 



BoysWe came to the pond first. There were some boys fishing. When they saw the camera they came running so I didn’t really see any fishing poles or lines. I took their photo.


















GrazingI wanted to get closer to the water so Thomas lead me around the edge of the pond. I saw the cattle grazing. There is not much other water since we haven’t had rain for two months so the cattle come here.
















Water Lillies

And there were some lovely water lilies


















Woman to Market




When we reached the  edge of the pond there was a call from the banks and three women wanted me to take their photo.  they were on their way to market. I ran up to take a few more photos of the women. This is one of my favorites.











When we walked back down to the edge of the pond I saw boys carrying reeds Fishing


“What are they doing?” I asked Thomas.













“They are fishing.” He replied. “They push the reeds in the water and push up the fish. ”


















Then I saw the boys near the shore pushing the reeds. They did not catch a fish but this boy had a small toad in his hands.  The Catch


We then went on to a local house.  I knew the man at the first house; he is the night watchman at the ICT Lab. He welcomed me warmly and allowed me to photograph his home inside and out. He offered us water. I gladly accepted.


During training I said “Why would you ever take the chance and drink borehole water?” Kerry Browne said to me “Oh you will some day.” No I thought I will always drink my own filtered water.  Well today I understood why I would drink borehole water. The chances that I would get sick were slim compared to the positive outcome of accepting this man’s hospitality. So I drank unfiltered borehole water.


We visited 4 houses today. And at each house we were gladly welcomed. My small Buili surprized Norbert’s father so much he didn’t realize I WAS speaking Builsa!

Norbert joined Thomas and I at the second house. He is an older teenager but still a JSS student. As I may have mentioned sometimes children don’t get to go to school right away or their education gets interrupted. Norbert hopes to pass the national JSS exam this spring and go to SHS and then become a medical doctor. Go Norbert!


Clay Bricks




I visited one home where they were drying bricks in the sun. They make bricks from the clay and build the local houses. The bricks are then covered with clay to make the smooth looking walls you see in the photos. 










At the Bore Hole

On my trek around the village I discovered that people were not the only beings to  use the bore hole.


I took many photos of people and local houses and you can find them on my flickr account under Builsa Villiages. Here I will just share 5 of my favorites from the day.















Local House Detail

























Local House
















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  1. Darren said,

    January 10, 2009 at 7:12 pm

    Man Vicky, you take extremely good pictures. I like the site! See you at IST!

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