27 November 08 Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving.  I am not very homesick because it does not look or feel like an New England Thanksgiving. Maybe a bit like a Mississippi Thanksgiving but no one is cooking turkey here except in Accra at the Embassy, and the PC Suboffices. Thank goodness I don’t have to smell a turkey roasting all day in someone else’s house.

But I will eat joyful food today. Thanks to Mel and Den I had dried cherries and almonds to put in my oatmeal this morning. OH yes and Cinnemon! It was yummy.

This noon I will have Ramen Noodles. Yes they have Ramen Noodle here but they call them Endo Mie. And of course they have a very spicy seasoning packet as well. So after my test this morning I will go make Endo Mie!  Chicken and onion flavor.

Tonight I will have my favorite Ghanian meal.  Gari, Sardines, tomatoes, onions and pepper. Then I will go have a mineral with Perpetua and family.

I have texted my fellow PCVs. Will call my mom and hope for calls from other family and friends.

Wonder what cool new balloon they will have in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


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