26 November 2008 Teaching is ……

Teaching is Awesome! I am sitting in the computer lab with 9 second year high school students. They are doing their first ever practical exam on a computer. I am so proud of them. The first time they came into the lab we spent the whole hour and 20 minutes logging in to the computers. This week during testing a large majority of them have logged in, opened a word processing program and begun typing within 5 minutes. I am not bragging. They have wanted to learn. One girl did not know how to shut down the computer. I told her I couldn’t tell her and give her credit. She said then you do it I want to learn. I could have hugged her. She didn’t care about the points she just wanted to learn how to shutdown the computer.

An aside. The kids will not leave the lab on time so their punishment is that I shut down the computers when time is up. I call out the last ten minutes and the last five. They have plenty of time to shutdown they just are glued to the computers. I even let them stay longer when they have no class after lab. But when I say we have to close it’s always a battle. So that is why some of them don’t know how to shut down. But gee how many teachers have trouble getting kids to leave the classroom.

Ok so today I have seen more smiles on kids faces than I have all term. I am so proud of them when the y have learned something. And they are proud of themselves. It does feel good.

Teaching is horrible! How many times have I told them that the enter key moves the cursor down one line. How many times have I told them the password and that it must be in lowercase! How many times have I said open the word processing program and they have opened a spreadsheet!

Teaching is horrible. I didn’t make sure they all had hands on time when we did labs. I didn’t pay enough attention to the individuals to make sure they knew what I wanted them to know. How could I believe that they would learn how to save a file in a specific folder in one lab session? My desire to have them publish their essays on the web got in the way of my teaching. My heart aches for those who are sitting here struggling to format, type and save their work.

Teaching is wonderful. Next term I can identify those who are struggling and help them out. Maybe I can make some of the better students student teachers. This term was a party. Next term will be boot camp! I will have a few weeks to rest and refresh myself. They will have a few weeks to rest and refresh themselves. We can start over again!


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