20 December 2008 Catching Up

Hey everyone,

I have been traveling for two weeks so I am very behind in my blogging and posting my entries. I will try to catch up during Christmas vacation  and post in the new year.

The Peace Corps All Volunteer conference was not as bad as i imagined. It was really fun to get to met the older volunteers and to network with them. The sessions ended early in the afternoon so we also had plenty of time to play. Cards and scrabble were favorite games. There was also a football(soccer) game and an ultimate frisbee game. We had a prom and a talent night. A good time was had by all!

The Ghana elections are going to a runoff. No one party got a 50+ 1 majority so the top two vote getters will go to elections again on Dec 28.  Peace Corps has put us on StandFast for 5 days before and after the election. So this is my last trip into Bolga and Internet before the elections. Sometime after January 2 I can move again if all is well after the election.

I posted a new page of American Ghanaian recipes. Check them out. I’ll add more as time goes on.


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