Student Directed Learning 7 November 08

I have decided to try letting the students in Form 3 decide what they want to learn about ICT and how they want to learn it.They are a good class to try this out on because they do not have ICT as a subject and I don’t have to grade them. I am teaching them because they asked me to. Also they all have such varried interests I thought it would be nice to let them follow thier own course of study. And last I think kids learn better if they learn what they want to learn.

So I met 3D and 3A. I explained student directed study. I told them they would be in charge of what they learned in the computer lab. I then talked about the many kinds of software and what they could do with each category of software. When I got to games they all cheered and I said if they wanted to spend the next year playing games on the compter that was fine with me because they would learn something about computers even playing games. I then told them a few things they could do to help themselves. like, rollover help, the help in each application and even God forbid go to the library and look at some books. I encouraged them to help each other. I said there are students here who know a lot about comptuers and you will learn if you work with them and they will learn if they help you. I encouraged the ones who knew a bit more not to take over when they were helping but to let the student they were teaching use the computer. Then I said I would do anything i could to help them.

I’ll let you know how it goes!