A Warm Breeze Blowin’ 3 November 2008

Today I am sitting in my livingroom with a warm breezeblowing in the screen door. It’s lovely. I am not sweating. The air is moving and comfortable. It’s just plain lovely! It’s the Hamattan.

Last week I felt the Hamattan for the first time. There was a staff meeting at noon. We were sitting out under a tree. As I have said before it’s almost always cooler to be outside than inside because there is usually some air moving. And there was a breeze. It was strong enough to make me look up for storm clouds. But no the rainy season is over and there were not storm clouds. But it felt nice to sit there in the breeze.

The meeting went on and on as they do and I was frustrated to have to walk home at 2:00 pm, the hottest part of the day. Yuck I thought, figuring when I left the shade of the tree it would get hotter. I walked waiting to begin wiping my face and wishing for some shade but the breeze kept up. It was blowing the tree limbs and the grasses. My skirt was fluttering. I felt cool. Then I wondered “Is this the Hamattan?”. I walked the rest of the way home.

Perpetua was plucking leaves and cutting them to dry. I sat down beside her. We chatted for a bit. There was a particullarly strong breeze and she said “The Hamattan is starting.”

It can begin any time of the day. It often begins around noon. Today it started around 10:00 am. It usually ends around supper and then for some reason it gets hot. Or maybe the house is just releasing the day’s heat back inside but boy it’s warm going to sleep after the nice breeze. Then it cools down sometime after midnight. Sometimes about 3:30 am I turn down the fan because I am cooler than I like. This is just the beginning. Perpetua says I will need a blanket at night.