23 Oct 08 The Cat

Shadow is a small tabby cat with white paws and a triangle of white hair on her chest. The first time we met she ran from me. Well Dizzy had picked her and tried to hand her to me. So Shadow was terrified! The second time we met I was sitting outside on a stool and she sat out of reach and watched me. I talked to her and assured her I would not grab her.  The third time we met I was sitting on a stool outside and she came a bit closer. I held out my hand and again talked to her reassuringly. In a few visits she was coming to my outstretched hand to be petted.

After getting close enough to pet her for a few days I noticed she was pregnant. Then I decided she needed some extra food. I put out my leftovers after my evening meal. One day as I was putting out food she peered into my house. I held the door but no dice she was not coming in. So again step by step I coaxed her in. One day I held the door open and let her walk in. That day I made the mistake of shutting the door. She freaked and jumped up on the screen! I let her right out. (I probably mentioned this before.) Then I go the great idea of putting her food in my living room in view of the open door. I propped the door open and let the cat come in. She was fine. So for three or four days I would leave the door propped. Then one day I closed the door. She didn’t even notice because she was exploring the bedroom. but whenever she wants to go out I let her out right away.

Now most mornings and evenings she meows at my door to come in. Sometimes it seems she wants to be petted as much as she wants to eat. This week she gave me the ultimate sign of trust and turned on her back to let me rub her belly.   I do not think she will ever want to sit on my lap. I picked her once and put her on my lap but she really does not like to be picked up and jumped right down.

I have discussed with her that she has three new kitties and that she should introduce me to them when they are ready. I have even suggested one would have a good home here.