Bugs Why? 20 October 08

Why do we have bugs?

Why do spiders spin their webs across the paths I walk on everyday.

Why did a colony of ants find a hole in the cement near my door dig into the dirt and live colonize my doorway?

Why did the same colony of ants leave 3 weeks later?

Why did a colony of ants nest under the table I was using in the bathing room?

Why did they swarm up the wall yesterday as I was bathing?

Why didn’t I run screaming from the bathing room when the ants swarmed up the wall?

Why do bugs have to fly into my face?

Why don’t they just die in this heat?

Why do they have to swarm around the light outside my door that I leave on when I will be coming home after dark?

Why haven’t I heard one mosquito buzz since I have been in Africa?

Why do the flies like my ankles?

Why did the bug stuck in my hair Sunday night wait until I was almost asleep to make itself known?

Why are there so many?


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  1. Nalej said,

    November 24, 2008 at 6:21 pm

    Enye easy… Good luck!

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