1 Oct 2008 Sardines and Gari

The first of October already!  Pretty soon I will have been here four months and will have less than 2 years to go.

Today my class used two programs to learn typing. My plan it to introduce them to these two programs then to move on. We could spend all term getting them up to speed typing but I don’t think that is a good use of our time. The motivated ones will come in to the lab on their own time to practice. Classes are fun. I enjoy the kids enthusiasm. Yet I have to discribe teaching in the lab setting as controlled chaos!

After class I went to market. A few of us begged a ride in a pickup truck. This time my colleague would not let me ride in the back. Then I lucked out and met the school’s bus in town while it was picking up the children.

When I got home Doris and Monica came to visit. They were pretty excited and giggling and talking to each other in Buili. I knew something was up. They produced a can of sardines and a bag of gari. Doris took them into the kitchen and told me how to make a very good cold and quick meal. Gari is shredded and roasted cassava. She put the gari in a bowl added small small water then mixed till it was just damp. Then she added the oil from the sardines and mixed it in. Finally she broke up the sardines and mixed them into the gari as well. She added salt and  ot of consideration for me she only added a little peppe.  She told me I cold also add tomatoes, onion and green pepper.

We put it on a small stool between us in my livingroom, bowed our heads and Monica prayed.(Lou Diaz if you read this Monica can out grace you! First time she prayed I thought of you)  Then we dug in. I  grabbed some gari with a bit of sardine between my finger tips and my thumb and put it in my mouth. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM very very good. The girls ate all around the sardines and urged me to eat more. They were so excited to have cooked something for me. It really touched me. We ate it all every last schrid of gari.

This weekend I am planning on trying it with some veggies. It’s a perfect hot day meal. No cooking involved and protien, starch and veggies to boot!

Then they cleaned up. They washed the dishes and swept. As Doris was sweeping she said I should snap her as she swept. I got my camera out and started shooting. Then Doris wanted to try. I let her, and then of course Monica and last Matilda, who had recently come in. I will post to flicker a slide show called  SGCC Sandama Girls Camera Club. They really had a blast. They enjoy posing as much as they like being the photographer. Doris is a regular Vanna White. Monica poses years above her age. Matilda is the shiest.  The girls are sworn to secrecy about using the camera. Time will tell if they can stand not to share that they used Madam Vicky’s camera.