American Dinner 30 Sept 08

Tonight I had an American Dinner!  Fish, spinach and mashed potatoes. OK so it WAS fish but  I  had to scale and gut it and I have no idea what kind it is. I cooked the fish head but gave it to the cat. The spinach was really some leaves that Perpetua grows. The greens are usually leaves and they are called vegetables here. Remember the things we call vegetables are called ingredients here. So I margarined, salted and peppered the greens. Pretty good and they had a slight sour taste so I didn’t need any vinegar. You guessed it I didn’t have mashed pototoes either! They were mashed yams with onion, margarine, salt and pepper. The yams here are huge! About a foot long and 4-5 inches in diameter. I eat about ¼ a yam at a time and I still have leftovers to give Veto the dog. But there I was sitting down to a meal with meat on the plate, potatoes and a green vegetable. Felt like American food.

Madua cute up the leaves for me.  As she was doing this Perpetua came out. She asked what I was going to eat the vegetables with. I warned her it was going to sound strange. I said I would steam them then add margarine, salt and black pepper. She said she wanted to try. Then she warned me the vegetables might be too sour for me. She said to taste them after I steamed them and to cook them again in new water if it was too sour for me. Then she said she wanted to try them when I cooked them. When they were cooked I brought them outside and she tried. She seemed disappointed that there were not more! Madua would not try them.