Good Day 29 Sep 08

Today was a good day. No specific reason it just was.

I woke up – Always a good start to a day.

There was a breeze coming in the windows and I could turn off the fan.

It was cloudy when I looked out. (Could the rain be coming!?)

It started to rain before I could make breakfast and rained all morning.

I drank cocoa and read in bed for about an hour.

I had fruit salad for breakfast – pineapple, banana and orange with some orange juice squeezed in. Did you know a fork is a great juicer? If you cut a citrus fruit in half and stick a fork in the flesh, turn the fork with one hand and squeeze with the other shazam juice.

I did puzzles and drank tea.

I made peanut soup.

I hardly sweat at all.

It was cool outside after the rain.

Robert, Perpetua’s husband, told me about corn farming and harvesting.

Perpetua made me fried yams. I shared my katsup with her.

Safiya called.

Dizzy and I took some flower photos.

Then I had a photo session with some of the local kids. Even Madua got involved.

Doris, Matilda and Monica came in to play cards. Matilda’s brother Thomas who always crys at me smiled and laughed with me today and called me mamd vixhy or something equally as cute.

We danced to radio Builsa.

Doris and _________ played hairdresser with my hair.

Perpetua cut some leaves for me that taste almost like spinach. She will give me seeds to plant some next year. I put them in the groundnut soup but I plan to have some with margarine and vinegar in the near future.

I ate groundnut soup with rice balls. There’s more for tomorrow.

I just had my bath.

Good Day!

Good Night!


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