Rainy Day 04 September 08

Rainy Day

The funniest thing happened at 6:34 this morning when I woke up. There was no human noise outside. That is very unusual any day here but expecially today because it is market day and Perpetua has to get her bread ready to go to market. So my first thoughts are of disaster or the rapture but then I got up. When I looked out my window it was very overcast and I though ah ha the rain is coming. The people had not been raptured or in some kind of a disaster they were just inside because it was going to rain.

The air was so cool. A small wind was blowing so I opened my doors and windows and let it come through and freshen the house. The sky was layered with grey, black and white clouds. There was no sign of sky or sun. The rain would be welcome after the past few muggy and hot days. (re: sweating entry)

I decided to have breakfast then to take my tea into bed and to finish the book I had been reading. It’s the story of a strike in French Senegal. “In 1947-1948 the workers on the Dakar-Niger railway came out on strike. “ (back cover) God’s bits of wood is written by Sebene Ousmane. He is from Senegal. Read it if you get a chance.

While I was frying my eggs and tomatoes and my texas toast (no garlic this morning) the winds picked up. I had to stand at my screen door and watch. It remindes me of The Wizard of Oz everytime it blows like that. They don’t have tornadoes here as far as I know but it sure feels like I am about to be blown to Oz.

Then the rain came. I was small small disappointed because I figured by the time I had breakfast and cleaned up the dishes the rain would be over. Since I did not want to loose my excuse for lazing in bed, I ate quickly and left the dishes in the dishpan. My tea, my book and I headed to bed. The rain continued for an hour. It was so cool I had to put my two yard over my feet and legs. I finished my book and it was still raining. So I spent another ½ hour or so playing cards in bed and doing some puzzles. (Taunt Fra thanks so much for the puzzle book.)

When I finally hauled butt out of bed the rain had slowed but it was still cool so I decided to attack my kitchen. I put on the same grubby clothes from cleaning the bathing room and started in on the walls of the ktichen. What it really needs is a new coat of paint. I am trying to figure out how temporary this place is and make some kind of deal with the headmaster about painting but for now washing will have to do. Did I mention the ceilings are 10 feet high. Yes so I only washed up as high as my arm could reach. Then I washed the floor as well.  Yes I sweat a little but not like the other day.

While I was waiting for the floor to dry Dizzy came for a visit. She had her umbrella and her rainboots on. She also had a sweatshirt on. I am no longer the person who is the coldest now that I am in Ghana. The Ghanaians have me beat as far as that is concerned.

Abigail also came over and said she could go to market with me. The rain had pretty much stopped. it was still overcast and I thought it would be nice to go into town in the cool. We set the time for Noon. I sent Dizzy off. I told her I had to get ready for town. Going to market means getting dressed somewhat nice. The first time I went I had on some baggy mid calf pants and a shirt. I was certainly underdressed. So today I wanted to where my red skirt and the white top Beth gave me.

I walked into the kitchen to get the water for my bath. My kitchen looked much better until I looked up above where I could reach to clean. Definate line of demarkation between clean wall and dirty wall. Sigh. The clean wall is not perfect in fact some paint is washed off and there are still dark spots and traces of pencil marks on the walls but it looks beautiful compared to the part on top. Is my wall half clean or half dirty?!

Of course when Abigail came it was raining enough for us to take my umbrella. Abigail is a real trooper we headed off in the rain down the mile walk to the junction. The dirt paths and roads were muddy and our sandles got so dirty that cleaning them in a mud puddle was an improvement. We were almost there and Abigail thought she heard the bus. We rushed but luckily it was just a big van. We made it to the junction and stood under the tree waiting for the market bus.

A car came down the road from the school and Abigail said let’s beg a ride. The car looked familiar and it was. It was Abass’s car. So Abigail, I and another girl hopped in and we got a ride to town. Abass likes country music but it’s my kind soft rockish country. It’s pretty cool to be listening to it driving down the road in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

Abass dropped us in front of the bank. We walked behind the bank into the market with umbrella unfurled and short list. I really wanted to see the market more than buy today but the rain had kept many yab-jeura’s (traders) away.  I did my shopping. I visited one market lady I had seen last week and even got the courage to say “Te mu jaara” which means add a little.  On the way out I also stopped at the Rafe’s plastic stand. I was looking for a cutting board but she only had wooden. She said her partner was going to Kumasi and would pick me one that wasn’t plastic.

We were walking to the bus station and the rain had finally let up. Oh I forgot to mention the other reason for going to the market. I wanted to figure out the bus to and from.  Not that time schedules really mean too much here but I at least wanted to get an idea if it will work for me. There are no tro tros here just the metro buses that run about 3 or 4 times a day. But no bus ride in and we met Abass on our way to the bus station and he said he would give us a ride home. So again not bus but we got a ride and right to our door.

During the afternoon light rain came and went. The Sandema Girls Card Club met with two new members, Matilda and drats I forgot her name. But the rain started in again and Abigail ran home then Matilda and her sister.

I had dinner of rice and beans with coconut, ginger, garlic and green peppers. Something was missing so I will have to try it again another day. I am also learning how to cook just enough rice and just enough beans for one meal. With no fridge leftovers end up outside for the Vito, the Kampusi’s dog and the cat who has adopted me.

Right now I am on the bed with a two yard on and listening to the rain pour down again. Today has felt like a rainy New England fall day. Just the piece of home I needed.


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