Monday 1 Sept 08

Monday 1 September 08

This morning when I woke up the sky was clear and the sun was already hot. Now at 11:00 am the clouds are coming in and there is a small breeze. It is still hot so I have taken my kitchen chair out under a small clump of trees. It’s about 10 degrees cooler in here and there is a breeze. It also has the added benefit of a rooster or two passing through in his hunt for food.

This morning I decided to make a preliminary map of the school campus and the houses around it. As usual my sidekick dizzy came with me. The walk is slower with her but I see so much more when she is with me. For example we were walking down the road and she says “This is where we saw that chameleon walking slow slow” and she hunches down and walks slow imitating the chameleon. We also came across a puddle filled with tadpoles. And she pointed out these small bird with tails three times a long as their bodies. When Dizzy and I walk I feel like I can stop to watch the small yellow butterflies or a caterpiller.


It did not rain today until after 5;00 pm. The afternoon was so humid. The air heavy with the anticipation of the rain. Ah but when it came the curtains in my room blew out straight from the wind. The roof sounded like hail was hitting it. And it felt oh so cool.


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