Moving In 27 Aug 08

Opps got the first one out of sequence. Here’s the one about me moving in.

Moving In 27 Aug 08

Yesterday and Today I have been making my apartment my home.  Even though this is supposed to be a temporary place for me all the other PCVs have told me that I should move in like it’s permanent. Most likely it will be at least twice as long as the headmaster says it wll be. So Yesterday I began and  I swept the living room and kitchen. My living room is about 6 by 12. I have two chairs, two end tables, and small table with a shelf. I washed all the furniture. It was pretty dusty. It’s all made out of wood.

I have displayed all my Stewart O’Nan books on the bottom shelf of my table with a shelf . I have put out some favorite linens. I have my blue and purple placemat from france on one end table. My doily with the fall colors on the small table and the small table quilt my sister in law Bette made me on the other end table.  I have a few photos out as well. Put my yellow and blue dish wiper from Paris on the night stand by my bed. Since there is no outlet in the kitchen I will put my fridge on the coffee table in the livingroom. The coffee table is pushed against the wall with the outlet. I want the living room in this space because the ventllation is great. There are two big windows and my outside door is in this room. It gets a nice breeze much of the time.  The floors are concrete. I am considering a colorful mat or two around the livingroom.

The kitchen is in the back of the house. It is only a kitchen because I put my kitchen things in there. There is no sink or stove or fridge. I put the desk from the other bedroom in the kitchen for my table and took the chair as well. I washed them. I have not washed my floors yet. I need to go to Bolga to pick up some things for the house.

After I fixed up my kitchen and living room, Simona and I went to Sandema. It was market day and she said she would help me get some food and some household items. Simona is in her late teens or early twenties. She is the daughter of Agatha’s good friend P.P. Apaaby. She was very helpful and encouraged me to speak and learn more Buili. After shopping we met her friends and sat under a tree while we waited for the bus.

I have been thinking about buying things and owning them. It seems like it will be necessary to get a bike. We waited two hours for the bus yesterday. there was really no set time it was coming. It’s only about 3 miles into Sandema from the school so it would have been a nice bike ride. But then I have to worry about it getting stolen. About having an extra tube in case a tube gets a leak. About having a toolkit. It just seems like a lot of stuff for one little bike. I will also get a small used fridge. I considered not getting one but that would then mean more trips into town for food and more cooking since i would have no place to put leftovers. And I will buy a gas stove. What we get here are just small stove tops with 2 or 3 burners and the gas tank. The gas tank actually costs more than the stove top and the gas combined!  It was kind of freeing not to have too many possessions since June 7.  I could just pack up and move quite easily. And no worries about things breaking or not working.  But now on to a new phase – settling down!

Wednesday, today, I worked on the bedroom.  The bed was right against the wall. I have always had a hard time with beds against the wall. How do you make a bed when one side is against the wall?  So I moved my nightstand to that side of the bed and pulled the bed over about a foot. All is good. I only have a bottom sheet here but I some how manage to mess it up every night. Well maybe because it’s not a fitted sheet. It is a double bed so I have plenty of room. I also moved my desk. My back was to the door when I sat in it and I guess I have watched too many gangster movies to sit with my back to the door. Now my desk is at the end of my bed. The window is right behind me so the light shines on the desk. And of course I am facing the door when I sit down.  It’s nice. I also have a wardrobe. That is still pretty much chaotic but I’ll tackle that another day!

I have made three meals in my new home.  Last night I made a cabbage, tomato, pepper and  egg salad with lime juice and oil for a dressing.  This morning I had Peanut butter (groundnut paste) and bread. For lunch i repeated the salad. Tonight I am facing cooking a fish,  and boiling part of a yam.  I am a little worried about the fish because I will have to gut it. Bleah! Perpetua will let me use her coal pot stove tonight. I’ll let you know how it goes!