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Sorry it has been so long since I posted to this blog. There is an internet cafe in Sandema, UER, Ghana but it is very slow so hard to upload posts.  Today SImona took me to Bolga and this faster internet cafe.  I will post two posts today this poem and another about settling into my new home. I will future date about 6 others so come back for the next two or three weeks to read more about my adventures in my new home in Sandema.

I love this poem. It is how I feel when I dance here.

Agbor Dancer

See her caught in the throb of a drum
Trippling from hide-brimmed stem
Down lineal veins to ancestral core
Opening out in her supple tan
Limbs like fresh foliage in the sun.

See how entangled in the magic
Maze of music
In trance she treads the intricate
Pattern rippling crest after crest

To meet the green clouds of the forest.
Tremulous beats wake trenchant
In her heart a descnt
Tingling quick to her fingertips
And toes virginal habits long
Too atrophied for pen or tongue.

Could I, Early sequestered from my tribe,
Free a lead-tethered scribe
I should answer in her communal call
Lose myself in her warm caress
Intervolving earth, sky and flesh.

John Pepper Clark Bekederemo 1935- Nigeria Songs of Sorrow

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