Peanut butter and banana sandwiches

The last monday of July I was walking back from a cultural class. I was thinking about lunch and saw groundnut paste in the market. The groundnut paste comes in small sandwich size plastic baggies.  The paste is squeezed into one corner of the baggie.  It is tied and the whole package looks like a miniature icing tube.  To use the paste you cut the corner off and squeeze it out the hole.  Yes I have made smiley faces on my bread in the morning. so sue me!


When I saw the groundnut paste I got the craving for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. There is no jelly in Suhyen and no honey but there are bananas so I decided to buy the fixings for groundnut paste and banana sandwiches.  As I walked by the fish sellers in the market the first lady asked me what I had and where I was going. Part of being in a Ghanaian community is the common question where are you going? Often your answer is followed by advice on how to get there or at least a wish that you will go and come quickly!  I told them that I was going home to make peanut butter and banana sandwiches. I asked if they knew what that was and they didn’t. So I mimed cutting bread, spreading PB and slicing bananas on it then making the sandwich.


The next group of fish sellers included my sister Esther. She asked the same thing. I repeated the pantomime. One of this group said Oh I would love to try that!  I had a whole loaf of bread that I would not eat in three days and many bananas so I said I will go and come and bring some back.


I made about 7 sandwiches. Cut them in half. I decided to eat half of a sandwich before I brought out the rest, just for insurance. I put a napkin on a tray. Placed the sandwiches on the napkin and then covered them with a dish towel. I carried my tray to the market. They were a hit. I ran out of sandwiches long before I ran out of people who wanted to try them. 

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