Dancing 05 Jul 08

Today I danced with my Ghanian brothers and sisters and my fellow PCTs. I had a wonderful time. Dancing the local dances was one of the things had hoped to do here in Ghana. At the Hub site in Kukarantumi (sp) today some Junior High School students came to demonstrate a dance from the Greater Accra region, the region we are in now.  We had a wonderful time watching them and listening to them drum.  The dances are very rhythmic and full of joy!


Then we got a chance to join them Of course I got out there and tried. The dancers were very patient with us.  Even though we don’t speak each other’s languages very well we communicated what we needed to learn some basic steps. One part is so funny. We have moved into a circle and we bend over and hold the left buttock of the person ahead of us. Then you swing your right arm almost like and elephants trunk but when the arm comes down it slaps the butt of the person in front of you! 


 I did not make the whole dance but I hope to get more use to the effort it takes to dance in the heat and to dance at our swearing in ceremony.  I really am getting use to the heat but today my clothes were literally soaking wet.  I am thinking maybe I should find out if they had a dance to do in the rain welcoming it!


Then I came home and rested. After I rested I started studying but some kids from my compound wanted to come in so  I let them. I taught them rock, paper, scissors.  We played for at least 15 minutes. I think the kids liked having a reason to touch and Obruni(white person).  Then I told them I learned some dance steps today and they wanted to see it. So I did a few moves and they joined me. Then my Sister Irene came in to cook dinner and the kids said I was dancing. So she showed me some dance steps from different regions. Pretty soon women and children were crowded into my door and my Sister Esther came in and the dance party really started.  One tribe up  north does a dance to the ABCs! 


My sisters were very excited about coming to my swearing in and seeing us dance and drum. It made me so happy to think they want to be there. I am so glad I do not care what people think and have let go of any self conscienciousness. I am having so much fun here.


So watch out America I’ll be bringing back Ga and Ashanti dance moves in two years.  


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