Accra First Full Day – Wednesday 11 June 08

Accra First Full Day – Wednesday 11 June 08

We are staying at in Accra, for security reasons I really can’t say where. But on Wednesday I really did not see the place very much. We traveled to PC Headquarters in Accra to get our first shots. We will have 4 more times to get shots. At headquartes we also learned some Twi and toured head quarters. When we visited Bob, the director of Peace Corps Ghana, he had on a Red Sox wrist band. I said I liked it he gave me one. At the embassy reception he came to show me that he was wearing a Red Sox bowtie. Then we visited the Minister of Education. The current minister of education was taught by a PCV from the very first PCV group. It was inspiring to know that I may be helping to mold the future leaders of Ghana. I was reminded that hospitality was very important to Ghanaians when they not only served us water but minerals (soda) and a small snack of chicken on a stick, donut holes and small meat pies. Ghanaians also like to know peoples names. Yesterday I introduced myself at least three times at the Educatios ministers was one of those times. Last we went to the ambasador’s house for an evening cocktail party. We arrived back at our sleeping quarters after 9:00 and at supper.

Then glorious bed.


I was thrilled to learn that many people in Ghana’s government have been taught by Peace Corps volunteers. It makes me proud of America in a way I have been proud in a long time.

I want to apologize to all my family, friends and co-workers for putting you through my months of not bathing everyday! Ghanaians bathe daily sometimes twice a day. They just don’t use as much water as we do.

The heat is bearable but when a breeze comes along it’s like air conditioning. Beth gave me a hankie and I have it with me at all times to wipe my face.

Ghana smells different. Good but different.


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  1. Kat said,

    June 15, 2008 at 4:28 pm

    The wonder of it all will amaze you every day. The smells, the colors and the sounds will remain indelible in your head and heart.

    We walked into one of the buildings that first day in Winneba and walked from shot to shot and ended with a slug of polio vaccine. I still remember that rabies shot. Yikes!

    A week later, our first weekend, we thumbed to Accra and wandered the city.

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