Arrival – 10 Jun 08 – Tuesday

After more than 24 hours intransit we arrived in Accra Ghana. We waited for luggage. Went throught customs and as we exited the airport we were greeted with cheers from current PCVs. The bus ride from the airport to our beds took about 1.5 hours. The drive was surreal. I was exhausted because I had only catnapped on both the flights. The road was crammed with cars and people selling stuff out of containers on their heads. We were on this busy highway. Cars were bumper to bumper and moving pretty quickly and voila! there were people standing by the van with a container of dried plantains on their head or a man holding bags of toilet paper. At least I know now where to get toilet paper – on the highway out of Accra! I looked to my left once and saw three illuminated fake plam trees. They were red, blue and green. That will be a lasting image of Accra in my mind. There are very small buildings clustered along the roads that sell things too. I saw mangos piled up on end in a pyramid for sale, small chop shops (fast food), spectrum of patterned cloth hung on lines, huge yams and so much else for sale in these shops.

Dinner was familiar chicken and rice, and watermelon for dessert. The water was wild. Water is sold for 12 oz for 5 pesowa (approx 5 cents) in small sealed baggies. I was instructed to bite off a corner and squeeze water out into my mouth. Then when I had a drink I watched the PCVs balances it on another corner and it kind of settled like a bean bag chair until I picked it up again.

Then glorious bed.


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