No News Is Good News

Jen the country coordinator for Ghana repeated over and over to tell our families and friends that “No News Is Good News.”  So I am with this post.

For my PST (Pre-service training)  I will not be very close to internet and phones. So I may not email much or if I get near a computer I may blog and hope my family and friends will read my blog and understand if I don’t have time for personal emails to everyone.  Or if one family or friend gets a call or email I hope you will share with others.  I will send snail mail I promise but that will take a while to reach you all.  (I will set up a couple of blog entries to post at a later date. Like this one that I wrote Sunday evening and that will post on Friday.)

So you mantra for a little while will be “No news is good news”.

Again thank you all so much for your help and support that got me here and will carry me through this amazing adventure I will have.


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