Newington “chop shop”

Today Jeanette, Helen, Pat and I went to Steve’s, a local sandwich shop in Newington. In Ghana a chop shop is a local place that sells local food as opposed to a restaurant that sells fancy, non native food. Steve’s feels local. The people behind the counter are friendly and open. It’s a family run business. The mom and dad and their two son’s work there.

Today is warm turkey sandwich day. For the past two weeks I have asked about cranberry sauce and last week the woman who I paid said I should bring my own because the cooks were not going to make it that way. When I came in I was greeted with “She did bring her own cranberry sauce!” I handed one of the sons the container of cranberry sauce and said I want this on my turkey sandwich, please.  Helen seconded it!  When the mom came by our table she said “Oh they put cranberry on the turkey” and Helen replied “no she” pointing to me “brought her own in!” the mom said “I have been trying to tell them we need cranberry on the turkey sandwich, now maybe they will listen after a customer brings their own in.”

And of course, as I tell everyone I told them, I was going to Africa.  One of the sons told me about this young man who was in Africa and now works for them.  As I was leaving he hands me the phone and says “talk to him about Africa!”.  The young man again confirmed my previous understanding that the Ghanaian people are the friendliest people in the world.

Thursday May 1 the woman who told me to bring my own cranberry sauce is baking brownies for my last day at Steve’s.

Small town, small business, gotta love it!


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