Connecting on the Net

The Internet has always been a place I go to connect. The ability to connect across the country has kept me in touch with family and friends ever since I lived in Mississippi. Now the net is helping me connect with people in Ghana.  Current PCVs in Ghana are being so helpful about what to bring. one volunteer sent her friend, who’s going with my group, an edited packing list. She took the list that the PC gave us and added her comments.  Here’s one example The PC list entry is in bold. The friends comments follow. When I read bring camping towel on the PC list,  I wondered why a camping towel. The friend tells us from her practical experience.  perfect!

• A lightweight towel (dark colors; high-absorbant
camping towels are great for traveling)
Bring ONLY a camping towel. If you don’t have one, buy one. And make sure it’s a body towel. REI makes a great camping towel. It’s lightweight, so thin and easy to pack, super absorbant, and dries really quickly. The kind of towels we use in America are pretty disgusting in Ghana. You never quite get all the soap out of them when you’re hand washing and they dry rock solid in the sun. If you decide you want a towel, you can buy one there. Most of the time, you’ll probably be drying yourself off with your “two yards”…which is exactly what it sounds like- two yards of fabric. You can buy fabric almost everywhere and most people just use a wrap like this instead of a towel.

I am having a conversation with a ICT (tech) educator about teaching technology in Ghana.

A few of my group hAve met up on facebook.

And the best part of connecting throughout the world. I can stay in touch with my family and friends back here.




  1. LOUISE said,

    April 16, 2008 at 6:32 am

    so lucky to have this contact… 30+ years ago it was make do with totally what was there, no REI…. , no instant communication…. both have plusses and minuses….. Am loving your blog…. and you….

  2. Vicky said,

    April 16, 2008 at 9:41 am

    Yes I love that we have this easy ability to communicate with almost anyone in any place but sometimes I see the down side. When I read about soldiers in Iraq or Afghanstan dealing with family problems through email I wonder if this easy access is so good. I just want to say to the families please handle the little problems yourselves these boys are fighting for their lives; Sally’s misbehaviour yesterday should be something you can handle.

    I try to use the technology but not be controlled by it. I often don’t answer my cell phone if I am having an important conversation (most are) or if I am busy with something. It’s not based on who’s calling but is it a good time for me to answer the phone.

    Thanks Louise for all your encouragement.

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