Eee PC

The EeePC is great.  Yesterday I loaded GIMP on it, so now i have a photo editing program. Today i worked with my PIM and added some names and addresses. Set up the calendar. This weekend I also used my photo card reader and transferred images from my photo card to my external hard drive. Things seem to be working well.

The one downside is the short screen. The new wordpress image loading pop up window has all the vital buttons off the screen with no way to navigate to them. I wanted to load a picture of my teva’s on the blog but that’s not going to happen just yet. guess I’ll have to rely on the flickr feed to share photos until wordpress gets that kink worked out.

Sara blogged about reducing energy consumption on her laptop. Sounds like I have something to learn from her.

but the bottom line is that i am very happy i decided to sell my XO and get this laptop.



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  1. Danielle said,

    April 15, 2008 at 11:36 am

    Its nice when our decisions are confirmed 😀

    I really wish I had the funds to get one of these for each of my little sisters.


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