inner strength

This week I gave notice at MPOW. It is a very joyous occasion for me. I can hardly wait to leave the job. As I wrap up my time here I have been thinking about the good and the bad. Thinking about how the job has shaped me for this next big step in my life.


I learned a lot of technology at this job. Computer repair and maintenence, software installation, database design, Web 2.0, teaching and how to keep up with all the changes in tech.  I learned that I can teach myself just about anything related to technology.


My co-workers have taught me so much about teaching. They have been guinea pigs for all sorts of lesson plans and methods of teaching. They have gained weight cause I believe candy is a great motivator. They have taught me so much as they explored the software I was teaching them.

But the skill that I will take away with me that I will value the most is a new kind of inner strength.  A terribly unfair and humiliating thing happened to me about 5 years ago at MPOW that effected job duties. Since it effected my daily job duties it was in my face every day I went to work. And I was going through other big changes in my personal life at the same time. So I was miserable for a couple of years. I dwelt on and the bad things and complained and fought just about every aspect of my new job and my loss of valued other duties. I was a very unhappy person.

I don’t know why or when or how but something changed in me. I was doing the same jobs I disliked and I had some of the same problems but I decided to be happy. Maybe I read an article or heard story on NPR but I just decided to turn around my focus and concentrate on the good things in my life. I decided to count my blessings. My blessings were plentiful.  Jeanette, Helen and all my other wonderful co-workers who supported me and laughed and cried with me. The chance to work with an amazing set of dedicated women. The creativity I could use doing the webapage. My family. I had many chances to travel. I found joy in doing new things or reviving old hobbies.  At first I would sing Accentuate the Positive when I was feeling negative, sometimes a little tongue in cheek, but it turned into a mantra.  And dispite the fact that things did not change in my job duties I was happy.

I think this is the most important thing I took away from this job because it will help me to overcome my external circumstances in Africa. I know I can find the inner strength to be happy in what ever circumstances I find myself in.




  1. Danielle said,

    April 10, 2008 at 4:49 pm

    I love that song! I don’t think of it much lately as a mantra, but for the upbeat rendition of it that runs through my head now!

    One to add to my “inspirational” playlist on my iPod!

  2. Jennifer said,

    April 12, 2008 at 8:29 pm

    I think you are a really interesting and neat lady. I’m excited to meet you. I think the way that you view life is beautiful. Everytime I read what you write, I see the sincerity in it. Moving to Africa is going to be life changing for us all. I can relate to you, in the way, that I feel like a lot of person change that has been happening in me seems to be leading up to this experience. I have been in a huge transitional period as well, developing and cultivating inner strength.

  3. Vicky said,

    April 12, 2008 at 8:40 pm

    thanks jennifer.

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