Crossing things off the list

I am crossing things off my to do list.  This weekend I ordered my shoes from teva.  Thanks Teva for supporting Peace Corps  volunteers with discounts.

My new camera is on the way.

Finally have my ATM card from my new bank and Liz’s post office has the paperwork to ok my mail going there and Liz picking it up.

What’s left? A LOT

Getting rid of clothing.  Moving AGAIN! Getting my address out to people.  the list goes on.


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  1. Sara said,

    April 8, 2008 at 6:43 pm

    It’s very weird, isn’t it, doing all these “list”-things? Good luck as you continue to cross stuff off. I think I’ve reached a stalling point in my list; a lot of things I’m not going to do until closer to June (bank-things mostly, and actually packing!).

    You said your “new camera is on the way” — do you happen to have an old camera for sale? (see my latest blog post)… 😉

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