Got my EeePC today. I am putting it through it’s paces. I connected to the Internet quickly on my wireless connection. I quickly found how to store my password and open my home wireless connection on startup. It will be interesting to try it on an open network. The speed the same as with my desktop. Plug-ins work as expected. Firefox, the supplied browser, has all the features as the windows version I have on my desktop.After a few hours of surfing and emailing I am pretty happy with the Internet

The user interface is displayed on 6 tabs. Internet, work, play, learn, settings and favorites. It’s been pretty easy to find what I need. The learn and play tabs have some basic apps. as well as some surprises. You can play solitaire, or tetras. A unique game is a penguin run. I think my granddaughter would love it. You can also play video, music and view photos on the play tab. Learn has some basic math, English and art apps. The surprise is the planetarium! i set mine for Ghana. The learn tab also has a link to a site called On first glance it seems there are a lot of resources there.

All basic office apps are under the work tab. I have only opened that tab but have not used any of the apps.

I have to say compared to the first day using my XO I have had much more fun. I have spent more time using the tools instead of finding work arounds or downloading software. I found this machine much more intuitive.

The keyboard is small but I can pretty much touch type with only a few glances to the keyboard. The screen is also small.

One concern. The XO ran very cool. This machine is very warm. I never had a laptop before the XO so I don’t know if running cool or hot is the norm.


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