Social Dilemmas

The Peace Corps Website has some materials to help me prepare myself for my new culture.

There are three situations and I am only certain of one answer.

Situation 1


You work as an environmental educator in a government ministry under an older host country national—who is much less technically competent than you. At staff meetings, you routinely outshine him, which causes him acute discomfort. Today, he asked you not to speak at meetings and especially not to disagree with him, even, and especially, if what he says is incorrect. What should you do?

my thoughts:

First I don’t think I would publicly correct this person. I am a new comer. I am trying to establish a relationship with him. BUT if I had I would apologize for not showing him respect. I would then say maybe I have been talking too much and I will let others have the floor more often. I tell him I will share when I have something important to add.

I wouldn’t say I won’t talk at staff meetings but admitting that I might talk too much is a good way to show humility.T And who of us doesn’t talk too much! Then saying  I’ll speak when I have something important to add reminds him I do have something to contribute. I would also remember that I can have an influence one on one and if a local staff member brings up something I would like to do it will carry more weight.


Any other thoughts are welcome!

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