Two Confessions

#1. When I applied to the Peace Corps Africa was on the bottom of my mental list.  I had no place I would not go but Africa was the last place on the list of PC sectors.

I am absolutely one with going to Ghana now. I can’t imagine a better place for me. It’s just interesting  how things work.

#2. When I read the descriptions of what PCVs do I said I do not want to teach. Partially because I thought the only thing I could teach in a class room was English as a Second Language and I wasn’t really interested. And because it seemed too much like a 9-5, which I was leaving behind for the PC. So I have spent the months since July 10, 2007 thinking I would be doing techie stuff, installing networks, or helping businesses use computers, or setting up software for some organization etc.

I was just a bit disappointed when I read my assignment. And a little scared. I have never taught for an extended time in a formal classroom setting.  My classes are short, and informal. The only tests are can you do what we were learning today. Most of my teaching has been done one on one. I know I am a good teacher. I love it and have had a lot of positive feedback. Here’s the but – but how will I translate that to a classroom full of students?

So I am doing the librarian thing, gathering information! I have talked to a college prof. I described what I thought I needed to know to successfully teach info tech. It’s always changing. What you learn today may change tomorrow. So I thought that the students needed to know how to discover what’s new and how to learn it on their own. She told me about active or facilitated learning. I wasted no time. There are two books by my bed on the topic with some excellent suggestions for learning activities.

Like any good information professional I conquered my fear with information! And imagine I’ll be teaching classrooms full of young people to use and hopefully enjoy tech just as much as I do. Hopefully teaching them how to uwe this wonderful tool.

Thus I am one with being a classroom teacher.



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  1. LOUISE said,

    March 3, 2008 at 6:29 am

    Hi Vicky,

    I love your user-eye frienly site and the way I can comment and also have easy access to what I am responding to!

    We teach every minute by how we live our lives. You are a constant teacher to your granddaughter! Instead of being a teacher, think of yourself being a student and continually learning…., teachers are supposed to ‘know’, students are OPEN to learning. ( of course you will change the paradigm of what a teacher is….. All of West Africa still has vestiges of Colonial Education- which came fro Europe… rote, fear, etc. People don’/t learn so well that way and it’s hard to be open under fear….

    I, too, thought of Africa as the LAST place I wanted and because the Universe is Kind and Friendly, it was the absolute BEST place I could have gone…. I went from a WASP community to opening my heart…..

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