The Gift of Sara

This whole process has been filled with little graces and gifts along the way. Sara is one of those gifts. She is going to Ghana with the PC as well. She found my blog and contacted me.  We have been communicating since then. She helped me through the frustrating days of waiting for my invitation. We are sharing the obsessing over what to bring and how much and our fears and expectations. I think she willed me to Ghana.

In a comment on my “more sure..”post Louise (another gift) said “trust the universe.” I wasn’t really concerned about going across the Atlantic to a totally different culture without knowing anyone. Now THAT sounds crazy as I write it down. But I am so surprised how happy I am to have the chance to get to know Sara. And how very comforting  it is to know that when I go to Philly on June 7th that there will already be a friend there.  I think the universe and The One who controls it knew better than I what I needed.  Thanks!

If you want to follow Sara’s journey her blog Ernest Whimsy is under the Peace Corps links on my sidebar.


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  1. Sara said,

    February 29, 2008 at 1:00 pm

    You are very sweet. I’m glad to have met you. 🙂

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