More sure all the time

Tonight I went to a Peace Corps Recruitment meeting in West Hartford.  I really went to talk to other people and encourage them to ‘go for it’. Instead I got more encouraged myself.

Meryl, who served in Cote D’Ivoire, encouraged me the most. She talked about learning more about yourself. She talked about a spiritual journey. She spoke about her country and the people she met with love and affection.  She said that we had so much to offer with all our life experiences. Pretty much she confirmed the good things I had hoped would happen. I know my experience will be different but at least my expectations and hopes are not off the charts!

The gentleman who served in Panama encouraged me because he said that volunteers are their own best support group. He indicated that there was much visiting between volunteers in his country. It will be nice to know that the people, like Sara, that I will spend an intense 3 months with, will not be out of my life after that. ( how many commas was that?)

The Panama RPCV and the others also indicated that we needed to be very proactive and make our projects. The PC does not send us in with a to do list. We are to evaluate the needs of the community at our site and work with them to met those needs. That is scary and empowering!

I took the chance to ask Meryl about climate and what she would suggest I bring. Umbrella she said right off. Good for rain and for sun. Good shoes too. Very important because you can’t get them there. And like almost every other RPCV she said she brought too much stuff with her. She said the economy is truly global, at least in the bigger cities. She also confirmed that local clothing is the way to go. It’s a looser weave and looser fit; both are better for the heat. And to the relief of all my co-workers who won’t have to save the ends of the toilet paper rolls from work, toilet paper is available in the larger cities. She tried to describe how the locals slush themselves clean with water but I think that is best left to the imagination!

Last bit of advice from RPCVs for PCTs. Medical is God. So if you really feel you need something figure out a way to get medical to say you must have it.

I am going to be in Ghana this time in June! Less than four months!


Ghana Ghana Everywhere!

Just like when you buy a new car and then you see that car everywhere, Ghana is everywhere!  This wekend my mom. my boss and a co-worker all saw Anthony Bourdain visit Ghana on  his show No Reservations.  read his and his crew’s blogs while you are  there and check out this great link to Ghana tourism

I think my brother saw this British reality show The Challenge.

Sunday when I was at my ex-mother-in-laws she gave me the name of a monk from Ghana and his phone number here in the states. Her niece works at Genesis House in Westfield, MA. She met Brother Mark there. He is on retreat. I talked to him yesterday. He was warm and friendly just like he told me his country will be.

Ghana is everywhere!