What will I be doing?

I will be teaching information technology to students in the equivalent of 10th, 11th and 12th grade. I will teach in English but will learn the language of my village to ease my assimilation into the village. During training I will learn to teach using the methods in Ghana and will have practice teaching on my PCT colleagues. I will be a full faculty member at my school with all the rights and duties.

The School year is similar to ours. It starts in the fall. We have three weeks off at Christmas and three weeks at Easter then 5 weeks during the summer.  Although I’ll have this nice academic schedule – A Peace Corps Volunteers work week is 24/7. We are always PCVs and everything we do reflects on the PC, my school and the USA. So during school breaks we will be expected to have secondary projects of our own choosing. Yet there will be time for travel and travel funds from the PC, time for reflection, time for fun, and time for my community.

I have been a teacher at heart since I first taught swimming lessons in Jr. High. I am looking forward to a classroom and a little intimidated by a formal classroom. All my teaching has been in very informal settings.

I will also be expected to raise awareness about AIDS.  The Peace  Corps will give me training about that as well.