Ghana was the very first country to receive Peace Corps volunteers. The first 52 volunteers arrived on August 31, 1961.  On June 10th, 47 years later I will be one of 37 Volunteer teachers to arrive. WOW!

Ghana is the size of Oregon. There are three regions- a narrow strip of savanna on the coast, a tropical rain forest extending north from the coast and the northern savanna. There are two main seasons -the dry season from Nov – Mar and the rainy season from May – Aug.  The harmattan comes during the dry season.

Ghana and I share a birth year. They gained independence from England in 1957. The official language is English but there are many ethnic groups and languages in Ghana.

Peace Corps says Ghana is one of the best countries for family and friends to visit.The land is diverse and beautiful. The people’s interaction with Peace Corps Volunteers has given them a favorable impression of Americans.

So ya’ll come.

Well see monkeys, lions, elephants. Lake Volta, the beach, Accra and my post.

Tomorrow. What will I be doing in Ghana?



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  1. LOUISE said,

    February 16, 2008 at 6:09 am


    My info is based on 30 yrs. ago, however I believe there is uch relevancy….. Try to take mostly cotton things to wear ovr as it is hot and they breathe. Plus, material abounds, delicious, colorful cloth and many tailors who appreciate our business and who can make ANYTHING from heir eye, don’t need patterns!!

    I LOVED wearing AFrican style dresses. All leather sandals , mine anyway, rotted in the humidityand wetness. That’s why plastic oes work and sneakers.

    I did need some sweaters, sweatshirts.

    The other thing I was thinking about was food, many vls loose weight as the food is more unadulterated than here. I’ts basic and AFrican chop is sooooo delicious…

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