Where Will Vicky Go?

West Africa political map

Above is an image of all countries in West Africa.   

Below is the Link to the handfull of countries where I could serve in Africa.


Start at the hinge of Africa, Cameroon, and move left over the dark orange countries.

My gut says Ghana or Berkina Faso.  What do you think?



From my Peace Corps Account!

It’s happened at LAST. I have a date when I am leaving.  Thursday evening on the way home from work I checked my cell. My daughter and I had plans for the next day and had kept playing phone tag. There was a voice mail and I listened to it at a stop light. It was my PC PO (Placement Officer). She would be in her office until 5:30. I drove into the very next parking lot and called her right back! There was no way I could wait until 9:00 Friday morning. 

She had a few questions. Do you still want to serve? YES YES AND TRIPLE YES! How are you doing meeting your financial obligations? Fine if all goes as planned. Will you be very disappointed if you are not near a beach? No it would have been icing on the cake as long as I can work in Information Technology. At one point my PO said that “Those college students are going to say ‘Give that woman some valium’. It’s nice you are so excited!” Then she said because I had been so active in church in my youth she had to remind me that the Peace Corps does not allow proselitizing. She was very nice she said many of the most dedicated PCVs (Peace Corps Volunteers) were active in church. I told her I was interested in sharing my IT skills and learning from the culture I would be living in. I didn’t say this to her but I prefer to live my faith rather then push it on someone else.  So after all the questions were answered she said she was nominating me for service in West Africa and I would be leaving on June 7th.

Now you ask the most important next question. WHERE!?  Well in an act I liken to chinese water torture the Peace Corps does not tell you where you are going when the call you to tell you that you are nominated. NO! I have to wait until the packet arrives. AAAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHH. I knew this from my co-PC Invitee, Sara, so I did not even ask where. The packet was mailed Friday from DC. Hopefully it will arrive in Bloomfield on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

I’M GOING TO AFRICA JUNE 7, 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Will

What is it about going to Africa that finally made me decide to write a will? I have never really had that many assets in my life. The biggest asset was when we owned or rather the bank owned the house and we payed the mortgage on the house. but some how John and I never managed to get around to making a will.   I think we played the odds and figured we both wouldn’t die at the same  time.

So writing the will brings up many questions. So many that instead of working on my will this morning I writing about working on it! Is there something special I want to leave each child? Or do I leave general intructions for them to divide my estate equally. What does equally mean? Monetarily, emotionally or item to item?  When what I really want is for there to be no fighting and family divisions over the piddly estate I will leave.

Who will be my executor?  What about power of attorney if I’m going to be so far  away.

What about a funeral? I hate them but aren’t they for the living? So maybe I should just say I want to be cremated and if they want a casket for a viewing it should be a plain pine casket.  An Eco friendly internment of my ashes or scattering at a place that I loved like gull pond at Gordon or bearskin neck Rockport?  too many questions!

So on that cheery note I have to head off to MPOW.