The dishwasher

I Love the dishwasher more than any other household convenience. I thought it was somethiing I could live without until I got in in a house we rented in Mississippi.  One week and I was sold. It was always a must have after that. for 10 years + I have enjoyed putting my dirty disges away out of sight. letting the machine wash and dry them. and at time even storing the clean ones there for a couple of days until I was around to put them away.

When I rented my room I looked for a dishwasher. I used it the first couple of weeks but my rommie did not. So I was holding dirty dishes snd utensils  in the dishwasher and the supplies were getting low. So I decided it was time to break the habit. Well I really hate it. Not so much in the morning or weekends. Just at night after dinner.

The washing is okay. the water is warm. There is some satisfaction to cleaning dirty stuff! but the drying is the pits. So after a couple of month I have decided to allow myself to dry the dishes by setting them on the racks of the dishwasher.  This gets them off the counter, does not use electricity and they get dry without my woman power.  They have air in Africa,right?

Aren’t  air dried dishes more sanitary anyway?


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