writing from starbucks

This  is  part two of my post about my XO computer .I am  sitting in Starbucks using my T-mobil connection. Sel from Wethersfield is coming so we can compare notes  about our XOs.

I have learned so much during the past few days.  Monday night i connected to the XO jabber  server so graciously provided by Tom Hoffman. Read the article.

This allows me to chat with other XO owners all over the world. I have already been encouraged to let my granddaughter try it. had some advice about my uploading problem. and chatted with some very interesting people.

The e-toys program is interesting and challenging for this non programmer. I learned how to move a car around the screen. pretty  fun.

my biggest disappointment s the speed of the internet. it’s very slow connecting and using most of the features we have come to take for granted. I hope NN will listen to these complaints because the internet could be the biggest library in many place he wants to sell these computers.

opps forgot to post this one!


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