Christmas 2007

Because this is my last Christmas in the states for a couple of years I am storing up the memories.  I went shopping with my daughter last night. She is a quick shopper, finding just the right something for that person and moving on to the next. Then we headed over to her grandmother’s to visit my other daughter  who just came in from Baltimore.  My granddaughter was bopping all over the living room thrilled that her mommy was home. I am lighting my tree every chance I get and smiling at the Charlie Brownishness of it! I plan to break my pattern and take at least a few photos at the celebrations tonight and tomorrow. And I enjoying the cooking I am doing.

It’s not sad. I think of this Christmas as a time to store up happy memories to recall when I get lonely in Africa. And it’s comforting to know that I have family and so many friends who care for me and will support me during my Peace Corps service.

merry christmas !    



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