Medical paperwork REDUX!

Last week 4 pages of my medical history came back to me. I had to write an essay about how I go a scar on my left thumb! OK so I was a Klutz in Jr High School does that have to brand me for life!!!! be in my official Peace Corps documentation? At a Girl Scout sleepover we learned how to make a piece of wood catch fire if there was no kindling around to start the fire. They were called fuzz sticks. OK so even the name sounds a little ridiculous! You made them by using a jackknife to cut slivers of the stick away from the main stick. These slivers then would catch fire. So I missed and cut a sliver from my left thumb. no big deal. At least I didn’t try to catch my thumb on fire after that!!

Luckily or maybe not so luckily I was sick the day after these papers came back to me. Had to visit the doctor so she could fill out the appropriate info. i.e. we forgot to check a few yes or no questions. There was no follow up for a surgery I had 4 years ago and she had to document that i was not taking cholesterol medication because one paper from the doctor’s office said I was.

I am waiting to go to East Hartford to the medical records division of my surgeon for the surgery that happened over 4 years ago. I can’t remember when I first went to the doctor for this problem or when the surgery was.

Then then then my medical paperwork will be finished!!!!

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