Settled In

I have settled in to my new place and am actually spending some time here. It’s because I got that bug that’s going around but never the less I am getting physically and emotionally acclimated to my new space.  No regrets about leaving the apartment.  My downstairs neighbor was a horror. I could never be quiet enough to pass a week without her pounding on the ceiling or stomping around in her apartment after i got up from my recliner or went to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I will not miss her. I also won’t miss Fish Enterprises. Please don’t rent from them. They are so big they have forgotten who, the renters, has made them so big!

I have not regrets because  this is getting me one step closer to my goal of going to Africa with the Peace Corps. I may have said before but I’ll risk repeating myself – I know this room in this house could feel like a luxury suite in the finest hotel. I have a garage, a garage door opener, running hot and cold water, central heat and air, a mattress, a fridge, a washer and dryer etc.  My house mate is very friendly and personable.

Just waiting on my medical clearance to find out where and when for sure.


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