Living with less

My room has a bed, a night stand, a music cabinet, a desk, a computer, a printer, two lamps, 10 pillows – throw and sleeping – a full length mirror, a small table for my purse, a dresser, and a large closet. I have a full bath to myself and kitchen privileges. and I have a garage. I LOVE the garage! I have central heating and cooling, running water and indoor plumbing. In 8 months I am thinking this will seem like living at the Ritz.

Emotionally I am doing OK with less stuff. In fact it feels some what refreshing. My load feels lighter. It was wonderful to cancel the CL&P bill, the phone and Internet bill, the cable bill etc. The space is nice. Lynroy’s house is lovely in a quiet friendly neighborhood.

The hardest thing is sharing my space with someone else. Lynroy is very nice. He respects my privacy and space. It’s just a little hard to get use to someone else around. What does he think about singing in the shower? or will it bother him if I get up in the middle of the night? Or the crazed yelling at the TV as the Sox are skyrocketing to the end of their season in a blaze of unglory? It will be a good training ground in getting the solitude I need if I live with a host family in Africa.


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