Enough already!

No, it’s not just about leaving a job I am burned out from it’s also about leaving a culture I feel more and more alienated from every day. Do we need to be entertained by someone every minute of our days. Television while pumping gas is just one example of many that drive me crazy. Music while pumping gas, TV in waiting rooms, TV on the ferry to Block Island, always on cell phones, plugged in to iPods 24/7. Is there no time for quiet reflection or living with our own thoughts.

A boat ride is a wonderful time to enjoy nature and to sit and look out over the water and think. Time to have conversations with family or friends or maybe with a total stranger. How can these conversations happen with a television blaring? I am repulsed by the idea of TV on the ferry to Block Island. Who decides what is on these public televisions? And how do you escape a public television if you are in an enclosed space? Why do we need music or TV at the gas pumps. HOW long does it take to pump gas? Do we need to be entertained for the 5 minutes it takes? Actually the few times I have been at a gas station with music there have also been plenty of ads.

OK end of rant.

I want to live differently for a couple of years at least. I want to be less connected. I want some quiet time. And I want to live in a culture that knows how to entertain themselves rather than being entertained by mass media 24/7. It would be nice to live in a culture that valued connecting with people and nature.

So no my desire to join the Peace Corps is not only about leaving a job that has burned me out.


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