Considering options

I have been on vacation since last Friday only to return and get sick yesterday.  My vacation was spent with my best friend since High School.  We always have a wonderful time together. We finish each other’s sentences. Sunday afternoon we were watching a movie and I turned to her to ask if they delivered pizza to her house and before I could ask she said “How about pizza for dinner tonight?”

What does this have to do with Peace Corps and Africa? She has always said that if I just need a change I can live with her. So I have been thinking – Do I only want to go to the Peace Corps only because I am burned out from my job? Could I transition to a new career living with her in Texas?

This is the time to think and be sure because 2 years and 3 months is a long time.



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  1. Diane said,

    September 1, 2007 at 9:55 am

    I am glad you had a good time in Texas with Beth. How about spending more time there before you go into the Corps to see how you like Texas? I also wanted to tell you I have a friend who has her house for sale in Wethersfield. She may be interested in taking in a renter if the house does not sell. Things will all become crystal clear regarding your decision. Just give it time Vicky. Both options sound good to me!

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