Medical Clearance cont…….

I was the second person my age that Jeanie Crabtree, my PA, had done a Peace Corps physical for in the past two months!!!

Yesterday I spent 2 hours in the doctor’s office doing a physical for the Peace Corps. I just had a physical in March you would think that this one would not have taken so long. First of course even though I told the receptionist that I wanted a physical for the Peace Corps they did not schedule my PA for enough time with me so she fit in the various parts she had to do between other patients.

A medical assistant took my blood, again for the third time in  5 months! gave me a EKG and the usual blood pressure, weight etc.

Jeanie  and I filled out form after form. This was not easy you need a degree in governmenteese to figure out what they are asking half the time then find paperwork and dates to back up your answers.  We were both baffled and frustrated by the time we finished.

Jeanie gave me a phone number and address in simsbury for my counselor but the phone number is the one i already have and i can’t find the address in any on-line resource. She also tole my Susan moved to Oregon or Washington state. I have found a Susan Fitz-Patrick in Oregon….. not sure how much it would help me to contact her in Oregon.

1 doctor’s appointment down 4 to go. My goal for this was before I went to Texas on August 24.  I may not make that goal.

Patience, persistence and trying to keep a positive attitude – all skills I will need in the Peace Corps!


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