One Laptop per Child

One Laptop per Child is Nicholas Negroponte’s vision for computers for the third world. This morning I sent an email to the organization asking to look at the laptop maybe even purchase it. This laptop has everything I have been thinking about for a third world computer. First it’s durable and it’s very portable. Next they are using only open source software. What I love about that is that it’s not only for financial considerations but they believe open source software will allow the children more creativity with their computers. And last, since I think I will probably be fund raising for these computers they are very affordable. Right now they cost a little under $200.00 but the goal is to be priced closer to $100.00.

So cross your fingers and wish me luck about getting to talk to a rep. seeing one and possibly even being able to purchase one for myself so I can put it through it’s paces.




  1. Wayan said,

    August 9, 2007 at 3:32 am


    I’m quite sure you’ll not get a response. OLPC has been adamant that they will not sell individual laptops – you have to be a government willing to buy them in 250,000 unit blocks.

    Still, do not give up all hope, there are rumors of Christmas XO sales:

  2. Annan-Kojo Edward said,

    August 24, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    It is a very good programme and l wish it would be extended to all part of the Country to enhence teaching and learning.

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