How long can you squat?

 Today at work I was trying to relate a serious concern and thought that I had after reading the medical information paperwork sent from the Peace Corps. But my friends Sue B and Jeanette just got me laughing so hard I was crying. I started to tell them that I had my first OH MY GOD moment when I read the questions about my physical condition and one question was “How long can you squat?”. The questions and suggestions started flying across the cubicles. “I suppose that means no toilet paper then right vicky”

“now we know what we can do with those left over tubes of paper from the dispenser in the staff bathroom!”

“No maybe we should send bio degradable toilet paper like they have for RVs”

“we will have to take up a collection to send you TP. Be sure you give us a big lead time you never know how long it will take to get to Africa”
images.jpg“it’s not too heavy though so how much could it cost”

“and we have all these boxes here to pack it in”.

“I’m already thinking of ways to build an outhouse”

“oh you could bring one of those donuts with you that people sit on after hemorrhoid surgery”

I am laughing out loud now thinking of the craziness of my friends.



yes I am now practicing squatting every day!

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