African Immersion

I have already started immersing my self in Africa.  Yesterday I found two newer books of fiction based in Africa The Optimists and Camel Bookmobile. The first is about a photojournalist and the second is about a mobile library.  Both are close to my heart.

Last night I watched Nowhere in Africa. A story of two secular German Jews who fled to Africa during the Nazi regime.  The story was a bit cliché with the wise African who guided and aided the family in their adjustment. The woman hated Africa and acted like a spoiled brat through the first half of the movie then fell in love with Africa.  What was not cliché was the family’s religion. They were very secular Jews and were at a loss to  understand why their German socialite friends turned on them. Although the husband recognized earlier than most the danger of the Nazis. What was amazing was the cinematography and the landscape it captured.

I want to find a few African history books that are good reads and will give me a broad overview of the continent. If any one has any suggestions leave me a comment.