eBay Sales

Is eBay working? I am not really sure. All I can say is that I haven’t lost money in the three weeks I have been learning the eBay ropes. So I guess that means it’s working! I wish I had more books, cds and dvds because Half.com is working out very well. It’s easy to post items there. They give you a wonderful idea of the going price. The hardest part of eBay was figuring shipping costs. I invested in a postage scale so that cut into my profits but I think I will earn it back because I won’t have to over estimate weights when I print shipping labels from my computer. Printing shipping labels from home is also very convenient. I get the box ready to ship weigh it then go to PayPal to print shipping labels. no hauling boxes to the post office and waiting in line for postage. I just put the boxes in a big bag  and drop them on the counter at the P.O. They know my name by now!

So eBay is working enough for me to continue selling my stuff.


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